1. Innovative approach for young skin

Selfie Project is the first brand on the market directed to the problems of young complexion, which not only prevent imperfections and heal those that have already appeared, but also serious care of the visual aspect of skin with imperfections.
The creators of these preparations came out with the assumption that facial cosmetics should not only cherish but also beautify and make the skin becomes visually beautiful immediately after use – and when used regularly her condition gradually improving.


2. The answer to special needs of young skin

Many adults think that „blemishes are not a disease,” „everyone got this,” and „it’s not scary.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Teenagers want to be perceived as an attractive and liked by their friends and imperfections are often a source
of huge complexes and a drastic reduction of self-esteem.
Teenagers need care, which will give them rapid and visible results, it will be simple and pleasant enough to allow them to form a lasting care habits, which will pay off
in the future a beautiful and healthy skin and now will deal with the problems of youthful complexion.
Selfie Project line provides effective care and gives visible results from the first applications, pleasant in use and a natural, convenient application for a young person.

3. Natural Botanical Ingredients

Wise nature in its richness contains many beneficial for a young skin of plants, minerals and ingredients that help prevent imperfections, clean, mat, soothe the skin and act in different directions for improving its condition and appearance. All of these substances have been carefully reviewed and selected individually for each preparation Selfie Project to strengthen its action aimed at the young skin.

Discover  Natural Botanical Ingredients

4. Safety formulation

Selfie Project cosmetics do not contain substances which are inappropriate for the young skins, such as SLS, SLES, or paraffin oil. These are substances whose performance may negatively affect the skin, desiccating it, causing clogging pores
and causing hypersensitivity reactions. Therefore, they have been eliminated,
and replaced by well tolerated by the skin, safe alternatives with high performance, and beneficial effect on the skin.


5. We love animals!

Young people are sensitive and love animals – so do Selfie Project. 
Our products are not animal-tested.


6. INNOVATION! BioActive Charcoal

It is medicinal carbon, its special form distinguished by a unique network structure, which attracts and absorbs all the impurities. It is the strongest natural absorbent able to absorb other molecules. Applied to the skin in Selfie Project preparations, BioActive Charcoal is antibacterial and cleanses, tightens pores and evens skin tone.



7. INNOVATION – PhotoSensitives Pigments

The fullness of a unique feature immediately improve the appearance. They are modern, finely dispersed particles Ultra-thin in the form of flakes, which are arranged one beside the other, forming a reflecting and diffusing light, and at the same time transparent surface on the skin. Through this mechanism, the skin becomes instantly ready for a Selfie: visually smoother, more radiant, with healthy, indiscrete color.