1 January 2018

Hello everyone!

The team at Selfie Project thought that they would start a blog on their website and make the Selfie Project brand something more than just another cosmetic company we don’t know much about. The blog will be a fully girlish zone, in which you will be able to read not only about the products by Selfie Project, but also about everything else that is most important for you – for us – young women. This will include make-up tips, photos from fashion shows, street fashion samples, cool places to visit, cultural events, movie premieres, music and series releases. In addition to all these things, I would also like to write about what inspires me in the hope that it will inspire you as well. But let me first introduce myself.

My name is Wiktoria, I’m 20 and I study in Krakow. Selfie Project asked me for cooperation, because they wanted their blog to be totally genuine and who would understand young girls better than another young girl? I plan to write about what’s trendy, because I know perfectly well how much is happening and how fast trends in the beauty industry and fashion change, especially in social media. I want you to be able to find out what make-up and beauty trends have recently emerged. Also, since I love plumbing the mysteries of skin care, I will show you some make-up and skin care tricks, which I have learnt on my own in hit-or-miss style. I know that sometimes it’s hard to know which advice is genuine and which is worthless, but I hope you will trust me! I have already got to know my skin type, so I know quite well how to take care of it. I hope that you will also find your perfect skin care routines. Unfortunately, some skin problems are beyond our control and the only thing we can do is to try minimize and prevent them. I know it from my own experience that skin problems are very common, so please remember never to get discouraged from fighting them. Try to patiently keep on looking for care routine that will satisfy the needs of your skin.

In addition to topics connected with beauty, I am interested in everything that is in any way associated with fashion. This is why I will also post some photos with make-up looks and outfit ideas that caught my fancy. I think that the time when you’re in junior high school, high school and at university is best for experimenting with style and looking for your own aesthetics.

The topics of my posts will vary a lot. Some of them will be inspired by fashion shows (sometimes even the more avant-garde ones) and some of them will be totally in a “take-it-easy” kind of approach. I will post photos found on Instagram or taken during fashion weeks or even taken from old movies and clips, which, at least for me, are an incredibly interesting source of inspiration. I’m into pop culture and it’s the main source of entertainment for me, so I will also write for you about all my new discoveries in films, series and music.

I don’t want this blog to be devoted entirely to cosmetics and latest trends, so from time to time I will also add more personal posts, thanks to which we will be able to create a very friendly and personal zone. A zone in which each of you will have a chance to find something just for you – an inspiration, a kind word, some advice, a cool song for bad mood…. Everything that will make us feel as if we were talking just between us, girls.

So see you!