27 February 2018

How to get the perfect babydoll look?

Last several seasons were dominated by Kylie Jenner make-up style, which ruled on Instagram and out in the streets. It seems that now we are observing a move away from full coverage foundations, liquid matt lipsticks and sharply contoured eyebrows. I think that in fashion we now see more pluralism than several years ago. Even though some girls still prefer to wear stage make-up on everyday basis (like it-girls on Instagram) it is being superseded by more ethereal and subtle make-up, like babydoll look for example.

I’m a fan of diversity, so I admire both the girls who look like dolls with only a little bit of make-up, and those make-up fanatics that spend hours contouring their faces, working on their cut-crease and drawing perfect lines with an eye-liner. Each of us has some preferences. For me, the key thing in make-up is the flawless complexion. I always go for delicate contouring and highlighting. I love experimenting so from time to time I try something new and since I’m highly susceptible to trends, I usually search the Internet to look for some inspirations.

In my opinion “babydoll look” comes down to three adjectives: angelic, soft, bright. This reminds me of the first decade of the 2000’s, when catwalks were dominated by models looking like fairy godmothers of baby faces highlighted with blush and glitter. My favourite ones were Gemma Ward, Vlada Roslyakova and Sasha Pivovarova and it was them who inspired me to look closely at the babydoll style make-up, which is now back in grace.

  • Skin is everything! When creating a light make-up that will give you an ethereal look, the less you apply on your skin, the better, especially when it comes to covering-matting products. This means the skin must be well taken care of so that it’s smooth and naturally glowing. My recommendation for skin care is to cleanse it and then apply a little bit of cosmetic oil (I use the jojoba oil), which will make skin oft and moisturised. A moisturising cream is a must! If you have greasy skin, it doesn’t have to be an intensive-effect product. You can use a light matting moisturising cream.

  • Replace the foundation with a CC cream which will create the “humid skin” effect and will make skin look even more beautiful and healthy. I know that not all of you will feel comfortable without the foundation but if skin imperfections are a real problem for you, cover them up with a concealer. This will make your make-up lighter compared to when you apply a foundation all over your face. Here is another protip of mine – use a base. I love to put a base under my make-up and even when I’m not putting any make-up on, I like to apply a matting base on my T-zone, cause it looks lighter than powder. Areas that are to be covered with a highlighter I first prime with a highlighting base or a highlighter in a form of a liquid. I believe that creamy and liquid products give much more natural effect and blend in more easily. However, they must always be covered with a little bit of matting powder so that your face is not sticky.

  • Don’t be afraid of pink colour! It’s 2017 so nobody thinks that pink is only good for little girls any more. Put more blusher on your cheeks (I sometimes use it for contouring instead of a bronzer) or apply it to your eyelids. You can even apply a creamy lipstick in a champagne pink/lilac colour to your eyelids instead of eye shadows or to your cheeks. With use of the same product for mouth, cheeks and eyelids we create consistent make-up with pastel glow.

  • Glitter! Trinkets! Silver! Skin highlighted with moisturising products, oils and base will look even better if you give it a finishing touch with a highlighter applied to your cheeks, under the eyebrow ridge, on the bridge of the nose and over the Cupid’s bow. Depending on whether your skin has warm or cold colours, choose golden or silver hues of products. Put some glitter on your eyelids, which will lighten up your face and make your make-up more glamour.

  • When it comes to eyebrows and eyelashes go for natural look. If your eyebrows are thick, comb them, and if they are thin and irregular, shape them with a pencil, an eye shadow or a special gel. Remember not to overdo it! Otherwise, they will look unnatural and will distort the balance of the whole make-up. A mascara should be applied on the eyelashes, especially the bottom ones (you can use a brown one instead of black). The entire make-up will get this retro, Twiggy-like look.

  • Don’t be afraid to use a lip gloss. Transparent lip glosses without glitter can become your best friend, as long as you’re not afraid of the “humid skin” effect. They can be applied on eyelids or to other areas of the face instead of a highlighter (however, this may not be very comfortable, so it’s probably better for photos). You can do the same with plain Vaseline. First apply some cream-like moisturising lipstick of a neutral colour and then cover it with a lip gloss. Your lips will not only look healthy but also fuller.

I think this is all for now. After all, if we want to look like dolls, less means more. You just want to highlight your eyes and flawless skin, and add a little bit of pastel shades to it. This make-up is very easy to do and it can do wonders to your look. Subtlety sometimes wins over spectacularity.