Skin care tips

7 January 2018


Glow effect is definitely trendy and desirable this season but what if our skin is shiny not because of make-up but because of its oily type? Moisturizing and matting creams, matting bases, foundations and various kinds of powders will for sure be helpful, but they may sometimes not be sufficient. oil-control blotting papers by Selfie Project is a quick solution to matt your skin and refresh your make-up during the day.

They are packed in a small and handy envelope, which will fit every handbag or even a pocket. Simply press several of them to your face, in areas where your skin is most oily, and they will absorb excessive sebum. They do not leave any stains or remove make-up. They are a good alternative to powder, since they don’t add another layer of make-up. Also, they don’t require any additional gadgets for application, such as brushes or powder puffs.

They are very delicate and do not irritate the skin, making it fresh and matte again, as if make-up was applied a moment ago. They are particularly handy on busy days, when you don’t have time to powder your face, and after physical exercise, when you just need to delicately improve the look of your skin. If you have dry skin, you can completely stop using powder and only use the towelettes when you need it. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!