Skin care tips

8 November 2019


Galaxy Masks from Selfie Project are a unique combination of amazing brilliance and spectacular effects. Thanks to the content of mild substances and many botanical ingredients, the masks will perfectly satisfy the needs of youthful skin. Choose from four unique masks: Smoothing #Princess, Hydrating #Diamond, Illuminating #Pearl or Cleansing #Star. Each one will make you shine and your skin will be more beautiful than ever before!



For best results, cleanse your skin before applying the mask. Wash your face thoroughly with a mild facial gel that will ensure smooth skin and prepare the skin to absorb active ingredients from the mask. The dense product should be evenly distributed on the whole face, avoid the eye area, lips, eyebrows and hairline. You don’t need to use the entire content of the package – the layer should be firm, but thin enough to allow it to solidify.

After applying the mask, you have a moment for yourself – time doesn’t matter, you can leave the mask on and shine as long as you want! Take your time and wait until the product has completely dried on your face. This moment of relaxation is the perfect moment for a glam Selfie, where you will show off the glow of the magical mask! Choose from four colors – you will shine in blue, green, black or pink glitter. One thing is for sure, Galaxy Masks will enrich your daily routine!

Once the mask has dried, pull it off with a single motion from the bottom to the top and throw it in the trashcan. Remove any residue with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water – don’t forget to throw it in the trash afterwards! Complete the ritual with a tonic and a moisturizing cream, which will lock the nutrients contained in the mask in the skin.

Galaxy Masks are not only a amazing unique look, but also an effective skin care product – the botanical active ingredients contained in them instantly improve the appearance of the skin. Try it out, charm yourself with your look in the masks and take a dazzling Selfie! ?