Skin care tips

7 November 2019


As the saying goes: All that glitters is not gold… Well, with Selfie Project it is. Try our magical Galaxy Masks to take your skincare to the next level. They’re not your regular masks… They’re glam, glittery and glow-boosting. Two words: selfie worthy!

The line consists of four different peel-off masks, all of which provide unique benefits that target different problems. There’s one for every girl out there – whether you’re all about the #Star, #Pearl, #Diamond or #Princess shine. They come in four colours and varied details to make your routine a lush experience!

This unique sparkle treatment proves that skincare can be exciting and serious. Galaxy Masks are not all about looks – they’re the full package. They are supercharged with botanical ingredients that leave your skin looking healthy and feeling baby soft.

Which one will you choose? The Cleansing #Star absorbs impurities and toxins, deeply purifying the skin, making your complexion perfectly matte and fresh. The Illuminating #Pearl is all about that radiance-boost. Containing pearl extract and pink pomelo, it revitalizes the skin and provides it with a luminous look. The Hydrating #Diamond uses hyaluronic acid and marine algae magic to make the skin supple and smooth, restoring its healthy balance. They’re two of the best natural moisturizers to give your skin a dewy glow. The Smoothing #Princess with aloe vera gently cleanses the skin, soothing and hydrating it at once. With long-lasting moisture and freshness, your complexion becomes bright and smooth.

What makes Galaxy Masks stand out? They combine two things us girls love the most: sparkles and skincare. If you had enough of boring face masks that feel less like a pampering and more like a chore, these are a breath of fresh air. Galaxy Masks represent your inner shine and are just as functional as they are fun. They’re perfect for a girls’ night and a selfie session, as well as a cozy night in to add that extra oomph to your evening routine.

Because of their peel-off formula, active ingredients contained in Galaxy Masks work their way into the skin and bring out your inner radiance. They provide a lightly exfoliating effect, lifting away dull skin and working as an instant refresher! The glitter peel is perfect to use before a night out as it prepares a smooth base that’s make-up ready. Or get glamorous even if you don’t have a reason – Galaxy Masks are the best kind of skincare and self-care there is!