Skin care tips

21 January 2018


Active charcoal is extremely effective in cleaning pores and getting rid of blackheads. It works like a natural magnet that removes skin impurities. When it came to light that it is the charcoal that is the Korean secret of beautiful skin, the market was flooded with a huge number of products such as charcoal-based peel-off masks, cleansing gels and peelings. However, charcoal strips, specially shaped for use over the bridge of the nose, are a revolutionary innovation.

Selfie Project nose strips act immediately and should be used when you need to intensively cleanse and smoothen your skin so that it looks in the best possible way before a photo session or when you’re going out for a party. They are non-invasive as some products of this type because they contain natural cleansing ingredients. Moreover, they have antibacterial and tightening properties so after use the skin on your nose is silky smooth. In addition to the active charcoal, they also contain American witch-hazel, which soothes he skin and reduces sebum production, preventing blackheads.

The strips are very easy to use. You just need to wash your hands and moisture your nose with water (you can first use some peeling product or cleansing gel to strengthen the effect). Peel strip off plastic liner and apply the strip onto your nose with the smooth side down, pressing it so that it firmly sticks to the skin. If it doesn’t want to adhere, it means you must wet your nose again. After 10-15 minutes gently remove the strip starting from the sides of the nose, pulling the strip upwards. Cleanse the skin with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water to remove any charcoal residue.