An effective skin care routine consists of 5 steps: cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, beautifying and make-up application. S.O.S. – is your lifesaver when the blemishes become a fact.

Step 1


Cleansing is the basis of skin care and a preliminary procedure for all other skin treatments. By using gentle products for young skin you prevent imperfections and make sure your skin is smooth and healthy.

Step 2


Regular exfoliation promotes elimination of blackheads, evens skin tone, regenerates and refreshes the skin, creating a perfectly smooth base for other cosmetic products.

Step 4


Simple and effective ways of discreet and natural improvement of your look and masking small imperfections immediately boosts your self-confidence.

Step 5


Good make-up is simple, matches our skin and blends in perfectly. Gently covering foundation smooths the skin and provides a glow effect − natural matte combined with subtle radiance. It’s available in two trendy shades: Light Nature and Vanilla.


Shock Treatment

There are days and moments when acne breakouts become a fact. What can be done about that? −Never break down, always counter-attack! The Shock Treatment by Selfie Project is your lifesaver, which will quickly and easily help you get rid of such nasty surprises.


Soothing Therapy

Milky Way is a perfect solution to satisfy dehydrated, dry and fatigue skin after a long day of make-up wearing or a night without a wink of sleep. It soothes irritated or reddened skin.