An effective skin care routine consists of body care and 5 steps of face care: cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, beautifying and make-up application. S.O.S. – is your lifesaver when the blemishes become a fact.

Step 1


Cleansing is the basis of skin care and a preliminary procedure for all other skin treatments. By using gentle products for young skin you prevent imperfections and make sure your skin is smooth and healthy.

Step 2


Regular exfoliation promotes elimination of blackheads, evens skin tone, regenerates and refreshes the skin, creating a perfectly smooth base for other cosmetic products.

Step 4


Simple and effective ways of discreet and natural improvement of your look and masking small imperfections immediately boosts your self-confidence.

Step 5


Good make-up is simple, matches our skin and blends in perfectly. Gently covering foundation smooths the skin and provides a glow effect − natural matte combined with subtle radiance. It’s available in two trendy shades: Light Nature and Vanilla.


Shock Treatment

There are days and moments when acne breakouts become a fact. What can be done about that? −Never break down, always counter-attack! The Shock Treatment by Selfie Project is your lifesaver, which will quickly and easily help you get rid of such nasty surprises.


Soothing Therapy

Milky Way is a perfect solution to satisfy dehydrated, dry and fatigue skin after a long day of make-up wearing or a night without a wink of sleep. It soothes irritated or reddened skin.


Hand Masks

Hand masks are an effective solution to maintain perfectly looking hands. They make the skin soft and smooth without leaving greasy residue. The gloves are soaked with highly-concentrated essence containing active botanic ingredients.