Kategorie Produkty: Cleanse

Cleansing is the basis of skin care and a preliminary procedure for all other skin treatments. By using gentle products for young skin you prevent imperfections and make sure your skin is smooth and healthy.

Anti-Pimple Hearts

29 September 2021

Anti-Pimple Hearts #StopSpots are a super effective treatment, which reduces the appearance of pimples. Due to the combination of hydrocolloid... Read more

Anti-Pimples Stars #StopSpots

21 April 2021

Anti-Pimples Stars #StopSpots provide the acne treatment and effectively get rid of whiteheads and blemishes due to the hydrocolloid technology. Speed... Read more

Black Cleansing Oil

8 November 2019

Black Cleansing Oil with BioActive Charcoal is a unique and innovative solution which immediately cleanses the skin by removing all... Read more

Active peeling wash

7 March 2018

Active peeling wash deeply cleanses the skin of impurities, effectively preventing new blackheads and imperfections. Reduces overproduction of sebum, unclogs... Read more