Who we are

#Selfie Project is a skin care brand developed by specialists, for the particularly demanding young skin.

Selfie Project is YOUNG and it fully understands the needs of teenage skin. We know it is not always perfect, but we also know it will pass. Not so long ago, we went through this ourselves :) This is why we developed skin care products which will help you take care of your skin effectively.

The specialists from our laboratories assume that a facial cosmetic should not only condition skin, but also make it look more beautiful, immediately after use. Here is a cosmetic line that prevents skin imperfections and helps get rid of the ones that are already there. If you use it regularly, it gradually improves skin condition.

How we work

We listen and act :) Your opinion is key to us! After all, it is about YOUR skin!

Our cosmetics are made from carefully selected and safe ingredients. Using our specialists' knowledge and experience as well as the latest technologies allows us to develop cosmetics adjusted to the needs of young skin. We listen to our clients' opinions very carefully, which helps us continuously improve our cosmetics.

We care about fair treatment of animals, so neither our cosmetics nor their components are tested on animals. Animals' welfare is important to us and we do not approve of any harm being done to them.


#Goal: more beautiful and visibly softer skin – always ready for a Selfie.

We know how important the condition of your skin is to you. We are here to help you take the best possible care of it. The effects you can expect after using Selfie Project are as follows:

  • fewer imperfections
  • fast healing of the pimples that are already there
  • visibly reduced pores
  • limiting sebum production (resulting in a more matt skin)
  • balanced skin tone
  • naturally radiant and even skin

Now it’s all up to you!