Having beautiful skin that is always ready for a perfect selfie is now possible with the combination of key ingredients for special assignments: BioActive Charcoal, PhotoSensitive Pigments, PhotoSensitive Pigments2 and botanic components recommended for young skin care. 

BioActive Charcoal – your new ally in the fight against imperfections!

It is medicinal carbon, its special form distinguished by a unique network structure, which attracts and absorbs all the impurities. It is the strongest natural absorbent able to absorb other molecules. Applied to the skin in Selfie Project preparations, BioActive Charcoal is antibacterial and cleanses, tightens pores and evens skin tone.

It works comprehensively for all the problems young, prone to imperfections skin, giving it a long-term improvement: reducing the amount of imperfections and sebum production.

PhotoSensitives Pigments

The fullness of a unique feature immediately improve the appearance. They are modern, finely dispersed particles Ultra-thin in the form of flakes, which are arranged one beside the other, forming a reflecting and diffusing light, and at the same time transparent surface on the skin. Through this mechanism, the skin becomes instantly ready for a Selfie: visually smoother, more radiant, with healthy, indiscrete color.

PhotoSensitives Pigments2

The two types of highly-effective pigments combined together visually beautify the skin and provide the Glamour Effect – an instant visual effect of smooth skin. They are innovative, finely ground particles in a form of ultra-thin flakes arranged one next to another, that create a transparent layer on the surface on the skin. The layer is both reflective and light diffusing. Thanks to this, the skin is visually smoother, more radiant, gains healthy and regular color, and is instantly ready for a selfie. 

Acne LiquidatorTM

There are days and moment when acne breakouts become a fact. What can be done about that? – Never break down, always counter-attack! The Shock Treatment by Selfie Project is your lifesaver, which will quickly and easily help you get rid of such nasty surprises.

Acne LiquidatorTM based on carefully selected natural Korean active ingredients and gentle fruit acids eliminates blemishes, heals inflamed skin and reduces acne marks. Effect after 7 days!

doctor - safety first
doctor - safety first

Young skin, just as the whole growing body, is during the intensive phase of development. Nothing should disturb this process, therefore the components used for production of the Selfie Project products have been selected with utmost care and thoroughly tested for the safety of young skin.

Selfie Project cosmetics do not contain substances which are inappropriate for the young skins, such as SLS or SLES. These are substances whose performance may negatively affect the skin, desiccating it, causing clogging pores and causing hypersensitivity reactions. Therefore, they have been eliminated, and replaced by well tolerated by the skin, safe alternatives with high performance, and beneficial effect on the skin.

Cruelty free!
bunny - cruelty free

No animals suffered during the manufacturing process of the Selfie Project cosmetics: neither the ingredients, nor the final products were tested on animals!

bunny - cruelty free

Wise nature in its richness contains many beneficial for a young skin of plants, minerals and ingredients that help prevent imperfections, clean, mat, soothe the skin and act in different directions for improving its condition and appearance. All of these substances have been carefully reviewed and selected individually for each preparation Selfie Project to strengthen its action aimed at the young skin.

Natural Aloe Juice

Has anti-inflammatory properties, helps the treatment of imperfections and soothes irritated skin, intensely moisturizing it.

Young Oat

Oat proteins moisten and sooth the skin, prevent irritations and redness. They are exceptionally biocompatible with young skin.

Black Quinoa

Delicately cleanses, moisturises, revitalises and calms your skin. Reduces and soothes redness.

Pink Pomelo

Moisturises the skin, reduces redness, and soothes inflammations.

Witch Hazel

Eliminates free radicals and prevents formation of new blackheads.

Mandelic Acid

Has antibacterial and exfoliating properties. It regulates cell renewal, improves skin structure and colour, soothes inflammations, heals blemishes and acne lesions, hydrating and smoothing your skin.

Blue Daisy

Moisturises and soothes the skin, preventing irritations and redness.

Japanese Cherry

Soothes the skin and relieves irritation and redness.

Ground Apricot Kernels

Provide your skin with natural deep cleansing scrub: they remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, which makes skin smooth and velvet in touch.

Manuka Leaf

Prevents bacteria development, has anti-inflammatory effect, soothes the skin and reduces irritation.

Green Bamboo

Regulates sebum production and mattifies skin.

Red Poppy

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, protects your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

White Cactus Sorbet

Restores and maintains perfect skin moisture with unique effectiveness.

Matcha Tea

Finely ground powder of green tea leaves hand-picked in Japan – provides skin with natural detox and protects it against polluted air. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Matcha Tea visibly reduces imperfections, detoxicates and soothes the skin.

Marine Algae

Deeply nourish the skin and balance sebum production. They have anti-inflammatory properties and effectively prevent growth of bacteria responsible for formation of imperfections.