Skin care tips

1 January 2018


Peelings, as no other cosmetic products, give our skin a “second life”. They remove dead cells, stimulate skin to new cell production and make our face smooth, radiant and deeply cleansed. They are definitely worth using if what you need is a healthy and radiant skin. Active Peeling Wash by Selfie Project is a very delicate product that has a gel-like consistency. Despite being gentle, however, it also contains little pearls, which effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent blackhead formation. These bioactive charcoal pearls cleanse the skin and absorb all impurities that adhere to our skin throughout the day.

The peeling improves skin’s blood circulation and makes it more flexible. Another natural botanic component of the product is white cactus sorbet, which protects the skin against the harmful effect of environmental factors.

A combination of these two elements in one product is extremely important because they supplement each other for the best possible outcome. The pearls remove dead skin cells, while the sorbet moisturizes the skin and protects it against adherence of new impurities.

The peeling is very gentle and does not contain any harmful substances that could negatively affect young skin. It smooths the skin without over-drying it. With long-term use the product decreases sebum production, makes the skin less shiny, tightens pores and evens out skin tone.

The peeling should be used once or twice a week, since it belongs to a group of products that are used from time to time only, when we feel our skin needs rejuvenation. Just wash your face with the product, by gently massaging the skin with the pearls suspended in gel, then wash it off with lukewarm water. Use of a cleansing peeling before application of a cream or serum promotes their absorption, and if you wash your face with it before putting make-up on, your skin will look flawless, even more matte and perfect in photos!