Kategorie Produkty: Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation promotes elimination of blackheads, evens skin tone, regenerates and refreshes the skin, creating a perfectly smooth base for other cosmetic products.

Strawberry Fine-grained Peeling

17 June 2020

Strawberry Fine-grained Peeling is perfect for an instant smoothing and gentle cleansing. Softly exfoliates dead epidermis, speeds up regeneration and... Read more

Avocado Coarse-grained Peeling

17 June 2020

Avocado Coarse-grained Peeling is the perfect way to instant smoothing and thorough cleansing of the skin. Intensively exfoliates dead epidermis, eliminates... Read more

Papaya Enzymatic Peeling

17 June 2020

Papaya Enzymatic Peeling is a perfect solution for an instant smoothing and gentle cleansing of the skin. Prevents forming of blackheads... Read more

Face mask #NoStress

5 March 2018

#NoStress face mask evens the skin surface, reduces existing blemishes and prevents new ones from developing. It also deep-cleanses and... Read more